First participation: 1971
Number of participations: 29
Best result: position 2 in 2002, 2005

1971 Marija L-maltija Joe Grech
1972 L-imhabba Helen and Joseph
1975 Singing this song Renato
1991 Could it be Paul Giordimaina and Georgina
1992 Little child Mary Spiteri
1993 This time William Mangion
1994 More than love Maira Stafrace and Christopher Scicluna
1995 Keep me in mind Mike Spiteri
1996 In a womans heart Miriam Christine
1997 Let me fly Debbie Scerri
1998 The one that I love Chiara
1999 Believe 'n peace Times 3
2000 Desire Claudette Pace
2001 Another summer night Fabrizio Faniello
2002 7th wonder Ira Losco
2003 To dream again Lynn Chircop
2004 On again... off again Julie and Ludwig
2005 Angel Chiara
2006 I do Fabrizio Faniello
2007 Vertigo Olivia Lewis
2008 Vodka Morena
2009 What if we Chiara
2010 My dream Thea Garrett
2011 One life Glen Vella
2012 This is the night Kurt Calleja
2013 Tomorrow Gianluca
2014 Coming Home Firelight
2015 Warrior Amber
2016 Walk On Water Ira Losco